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I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you for treating my cat like she was your own while I was gone for 10 long days! I have never in my life seen her warm up to someone so quickly! Having you take care of Sammy really put my mind at ease and let me enjoy my vacation without any anxiety or worry.

I was a little hesitant with the idea of sending my cat to someone else’s house while I was away, but once I spoke to you on the phone, I felt okay, and then after meeting you in person, I knew I made the right decision. You are so warm and so gentle and kind with Sammy — I can see why she liked being with you. The fact that Sammy was so affectionate with you speaks volumes — you paid attention to her and cared for her so genuinely. THANK YOU.

Anyway, the next time I go away I won’t think twice about you to sit for Sammy again. In fact, I may have to do that every now and again whether or not I go away just so she can be with her new friend again.
— Amy D.

My husband and I got our two Siamese girls Ming and Song when we returned from our honeymoon last January 2007. They came to us very little and very sick and bonded to us very fast. For a while after getting them we just didn’t go away, even being at work a full day would worry me and I would rush home to see them. The time came when they were about  5 months old that we had some upcoming weekends away and other plans. The first time we traveled we used a family friend and I hate to say this. but we came home to Ming and Song obviously really missing us and acting a bit stressed. At that point I said I wasn’t going away again. Of course that wasn’t really realistic and my husband said there has to be a way to find a reliable cat sitter who will love our pets as we do. I did some searching and found Peters’ Pets. I told them when I called what was most important to me was that I find someone to bond with my cats and that could become a long term pet sitter so when were away so they would see the same face each time and be on the same routine.

An appointment was set with Barbara to come meet us and our girls and the rest is history. Barbara is AMAZING, I truly can not say enough. From the second she met them she knew just what to do to gain their trust and ours. She emails us updates when we are away, and brings different toys for them to play with. She meticulously cares for them, their food and litter and coming home from trips the girls are always relaxed and as happy as if we had never left. Barbara is  a part of our family now and I cannot say enough about her and the care and love she has for our two very loved Siamese girls.
— Karen & Daniel J.

We have employed the services of Peter’s Pets on two occasions; boarding our cat with a sitter for over 9+ nights each time. We were nervous at first given as we had never done this before, but soon after dropping him off our minds were at ease. The professionalism and experience of the sitters was immediately reassuring and instilled a sense of trust and we knew we had made the right decision. It was much easier for us and we feel much better for the well being of our cat to leave him with someone that will be there with him around the clock rather than bringing him with us on trips. I had requested that the sitters email me updates and both were great about keeping us informed this way. And the process to sign up for the services was easy and quick; Peter was great working with us.
— Jill D.

I have been using Peter’s Pets for over a year now and I would not go anywhere else! It is such a relief to have someone you trust watching your cats and knowing they are comfortable in their own home. My cats are always happy and energetic when I return home and while I am away I get updated emails with their status. Our pet sitter is very flexible and pleasant to work with as well. I recommend their services to anyone and everyone!

— Adrienne A.

Working with Peter’s Pets was a wonderful experience. Peter was very responsive to my questions and worked with my changing schedule. He matched me with Micheal, who was kind, professional, and amazingly flexible. He took the best care of my aging cats. It\’s great to know that I have a reliable catsitter in my neighborhood whether I need to board them, or take care of them in my home.

— Kimberly S.

We used Peter’s Pets whenever we needed care for our diabetic cat, Kato. We had one caregiver who we worked with during each of our times away. She made a special effort to visit with us to learn how to care for our special needs cat, including providing injections twice a day. We were so pleased with how easily Kato took to our caregiver and how willing and capable the caregiver was in handling Kato’s needs.

— Joshua C.

I have had the pleasure of using Peter’s Pets for a couple of years to sit for my cat, Poco. Anna and Micheal have both been excellent. Knowing that my pet is well cared for while I am away is invaluable. And the daily email updates are greatly appreciated. Thanks for everything!

— Crystal F.

We have had a great experience with Peter’s Pets and everyone involved. Our two Yorkies have been very well taken care of in the many times we have used their service.

— Denise S.

I am very pleased with your services. I use Michael Wawrzynski and I have never found anyone better to watch my cats. I love that he sends me emails when I am away to check in and let me know how they are doing. I really feel as though the cats get a lot of attention in the time that he is here. He is also very easy to communicate with. He responds to my emails almost immediately. He is excellent and I am extremely happy with him. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

—  Molly M.

Service is great. Reliable and professional from the first phone call. Top notch service provides ease of mind when traveling.

— Steve G.

Peter’s Pets is a wonderful resource for anyone who loves their pets! My previous cat sitter left a lot to be desired, so when I saw an ad for Peter’s Pets, I took a chance and looked at their website. My sitter was responsive, articulate and lived right in my neighborhood. He sends confirmations about visits, status updates while I am away, and leaves my cat’s bowls and play areas clean and orderly after every visit. Most importantly, my cats are happy and comfortable when I return home. I give my highest recommendation!!!

— Susan G.

I recently moved to New York City and took a job that requires a lot of travel. Not knowing anyone in the city, I was anxious about trusting someone to care for my cat while I was away. From the moment I met Alexandra I knew she would be someone I could trust. I appreciate knowing that my cat is safe and cared for while I am away.

— Bill R.

We were completely delighted with Tammy. Her home was warm and welcoming, and from our arrival, our elderly cat, Mas was at ease. We would definitely recommend Peter’s Pets to anyone looking to board their cat.

— Jeannine H.

I travel on a regular basis and whenever I need to be away Peter’s Pets – and Barbara Grant in particular – provide the most wonderful service in visiting and caring for my two cats, Sooty and Lola. Barbara takes care of them as if they were own and provides me with the most informative and entertaining email updates while I am away. Both cats were abandoned as kittens and are very wary of most people. However, they adore Barbara and love her visits – knowing that Barbara is visiting Sooty and Lola and that she does such a wonderful job with them provides me with absolute peace of mind when I am away.

— Misty